Never pay full price! With sites like Groupon, Amazon, Living Social etc., there are always ways to get stuff for less than its original price. Being patient and looking for deals can be very beneficial to your wallet. In this section I share with you guys different tips or savings opportunities that I come across that that may save you some dough.

Here is thought- when there is something you want or need to purchase, jot down the original price. Then search high and low for a better deal, once you find (because you will) subtract what you would have the difference and see what you saved. Take that amount and put it away, see how much it adds up to over the course of a month or even a year! It wont always be the most convenient or easy route, but I’m positive it will be worth it!

I have not mastered the art of finding the good deal so please feel free to share some of your finds with me by leaving a comment below and I will share it with everyone. Now go find a deal!