Times have changed. Going to college and the pressure around it isn’t what it used to be. College may make sense for some, but it honestly doesn’t make sense for all.

It’s a scary thing to say and belief to stand behind in today’s day-in-age, but hear me out:

People are so intimidated by the idea of building a business because it doesn’t seem “secure”. However, how secure is your job, really? How secure is going to college to get into thousands of dollars in debt with no promise or guarantee of what’s on the other side?

I’m not saying I’m anti-college, I’m just saying we shouldn’t be closed off to the idea that kids now-days may want to explore a different route. It doesn’t mean they have a lesser chance at success, and we can’t put the ideal on them that it does. Getting a degree doesn’t guarantee anything, either. We are at the height of the information era, access to that information looks a lot different than it used to.

It’s a simple yet complex topic, but regardless-

Let’s empower our youth to truly follow their heart and do what inspires and fulfills them, regardless of the fact that we may not have a framework or level of understanding we can wrap our heads around within the concept. (And if you don’t believe me, check out Instafamous on Neflix. I’m not co-signing on the paths they chose, I’m just saying be open to the reality of it).

We truly are living in a time where you can do whatever you want and you could likely make a career out of it. May we stay open to the desires that are in the hearts of our youth, and be willing to support the great things that may come out of them. And remember: college may still be a viable option for some, but it may not be a viable option for all.