Saving money and not buying new clothes? Ugh. Why 😩  Being a financially responsible adult can be so annoying and fun-sucking, but today we’re giving you 4 ways to refresh your wardrobe by doing these things that cost little-to-no money.




1. Re-band Old Watches

This is so simple to do and can really take your outfit up a notch! Although details really make-or-break an outfit, most people won’t be able to tell that you’ve spruced up your old watch by changing out the band and keeping the same face.


2. Get Older Clothes Altered

Make your old clothes feel and look brand new by making them fit you like they should in the present day– not the past where you were 15 pounds heavier. Do yourself all of the favors by just getting the clothes you already own altered.

Simple. As. That.


3. Recycle Clothes You Don’t Want Anymore

Hit up Plato’s Closet and turn in your old clothes, get cash, and then buy new outfits. It’s like getting paid to shop… kinda. What matters most is that you’re not spending any money getting a new outfit and you’re being environmentally friendly. A win-win all around.


4. Switch Up Outfit Combinations

This might be so simple it’s useless, but it really does help refresh your wardrobe. Take some extra time to put some outfits together that you wouldn’t normally pair together and bada-bing, you’re lookin’ fresh to death and you haven’t even bought new clothes.