Emiere Scaife

Stocket Market Investing, Trading

Emiere Scaife is a focused and committed Investment Advisor. Emiere conducted a five year apprenticeship under the late Hezekiah Griggs III, during which time he traveled and obtained first hand exposure to the world Venture Capitalism and Socially Responsible Investing.

Mr. Griggs during his time was widely known as the youngest African American to launch and operate a major Venture Capital fund. With firsthand exposure to a $100-million fund and a great deal of high-level connections Emiere Scaife has had a wealth of knowledge and exposure to the world of alternative investments.

Starting his career Emiere gave free financial services to people who could not afford to pay for traditional financial advice. His free services encompassed security analysis, financial planning, tax consultation, life insurance consultation, portfolio construction and management, and many special situation consultations including credit repair, bankruptcy advisement, debt repayment strategies, and much more.

Emiere’s mission in life is to: “Serve the unserved and hear the unheard”. Ultimately becoming a change agent for struggling and oppressed people around the world. Outside of Capital Wize Emiere is the Founder and President of Blacks for Liberations and Cooperative Community Action (BLCCA). His organization models his mission in life which is serving those who are often unserved and being a listening ear to those who go unheard. With a special focus on the Black community, his organization is dedicated to providing sustainable, equitable, and tangible solutions for the issues that plague oppressed people. BLCCA provides practical and consistent mentorship to the at risk urban youth and aims to expose them to the opportunities that exist outside of their current circumstances. This mentorship and guidance gives the young people something better to hope and strive for in their futures.

Emiere graduated with honors from Georgia State University (GSU) where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. During his time at GSU he was also a highly recruited Quarterback for the university’s football team and was the only player on the team to be a member of the university’s honors college. Emiere is a licensed Investment Advisor Representative who acts as a fiduciary legally obligating him to act in the explicit best interest of his clients. Emiere specializes in alternative investments and value investing security analysis.